Arvada, CO

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About Us

Founded 1994

Over 25 years serving others. Privately owned.

No debt

Revenue over $2,000,000. International customers.

Social Entrepreneurship

Combining the tools of philanthropy, business and advocacy

Our Mission

Our goal is to end the average of 5,000,000 deaths per year amongst orphans from malnutrition. Every “happy customer” triggers a donation of powerful nutrition for those 5,000,000 orphans. Since 2009, 137,000,000 portions have been provided.

Over the last two decades

Our “Happy customers” in Colorado and around the U.S. have seen results with​

Training & Performance

Enhancing athletic performance, endurance, and recovery.

Skin & Eye Care

Utilizing the best skin and eye care.

Lower that scale

Shedding fat (not just weight) and building lean muscle.

Time & Financial Freedom

And quitting a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke)

Physical Wellness

Regaining, retaining, and refining physical wellness.

Leave a Legacy

Leaving a legacy of helping to end suffering from malnutrition

Satisfaction Guarantee

Ours is the only one in the industry which can provide
  • Six month, 100% satisfaction guarantee or all money refunded
  • Protected with over 100 patents
  • Retention rate is 83%
6 months

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