Welcome! We are the Weeks, your up-line Bronze Presidentials in Mannatech.

We have been having fun with the Mannatech family for 25+ years! In 1994, Nat’s brother, Dr. Brad Weeks, MD, introduced us to the products which helped improve our health and quality of life. Because the products actually work, we have been able to enjoy a new lifestyle, full of travel and unique experiences around the world! Helping others, nourishing thousands of orphans, and earning incentive trips are the highlights of each year. We thank the Lord for His blessings every day.
Silence Weeks
a.k.a. The Mannagirl
The best thing about Mannatech, although the money and incentives are great, are those times during a big event when I am stopped in the hallway by someone who asks, “Aren’t you Nat Weeks?” When I confirm that I am, they respond, “If you hadn’t told Tom, who told Steve, who told Dave, who told George, I’d be dead and my wife and kids would be impoverished! Thank you so much!!” I get a big teary hug and can’t help but joyfully weep as well. That’s really what it is all about.
Nat Weeks
a.k.a. A Sharing Servant

“At Mannatech, understanding what makes life real is what makes us unique.”

We provide hope through technologies that radically change lives: products based on Real Food Technology Solutions® that create real results. We’re a community of people with real passion for other people’s well-being, focused on offering real possibilities for a better way of life. Our goal is simple…to help more people Live For Real which in essence reminds us to be genuine in life, in relationships, and in how we live. Our mission is to fight global malnutrition by nourishing the world with Real Food Technology supplementation while empowering and rewarding the lives of those who champion our cause. Our vision is to impact the global epidemic of childhood malnutrition by linking 5 million consumers of Real Food Technology supplementation with 5 million children in need.” Since Mannatech’s establishment in 1994, the company has led where others have only followed. Mannatech champions revolutionary discoveries designed to help boost your body’s ability to stay healthy. Inspired by cutting-edge aloe vera saccharide research and the emerging field of biologically active polysaccharides, Mannatech developed the world’s first glyconutritional dietary supplement based on plant polysaccharides, Ambrotose® complex, in 1996.

Mannatech is proud to be a networking company. Networking builds a special kind of person-to-person trust, confidence and follow-up. This direct contact creates positive results for our Customers. Because Mannatech sells directly, avoiding ‘middle-men’, and only pays for successful advertising, there is much more money (43% of income) to reward Associates who share this tremendous benefit with all whom God brings across their path. You won’t find our products in supermarkets or on drugstore shelves. Mannatech products are only available directly through our worldwide team of independent Associates. Because the concept of Ambrotose® technology is very new to most people, the Mannatech story is best shared through building relationships, with ample opportunities for questions. Mannatech is selling more than a quarter of a million dollars of products each month with an unheard of 87% retention rate for those on the products long enough to notice a difference. There is no financial risk because of the unheard of 6-month, 100% satisfaction guarantee or all your money back!