Links & Resources

There is a plethora of resources out there for you to continue both exploring and growing in your knowledge about health and wellness, and particularly in your experience with what Mannatech has to offer. Bookmark any of the sites below in your own web browser for quick reference later. Be sure, also, to see the valuable recording listed at the bottom which is available by phone.

Mannatech-created Websites:

  • Mannatech, Inc.:  Official website for Mannatech, Inc.
  • All About Mannatech: Most everything you need to know all about Mannatech.
  • Mannatech Science: Learn how the science behind the products makes them so effective.
  • MannaFest: Includes many of the announcements, videos, presentations, and testimonials that were shared from this year’s event. The videos and testimonials, in particular, are worth checking out.
  • See Mannatech’s own “Mannatech Links” page here.

Social Media pages:

Product Specific:

  • See how the innovative skin care products can help keep the skin healthy and young.

Resource & Tools Supplier:

  • GlycoTools: Brought to you by Dupli-Pak. The site to order many CDs, DVDs, Books & Training materials created by other Mannatech associates, or even MannaRelief, for promotional or even personal growth and success.

Non-profit sites related to Mannatech:

  • MannaRelief: MannaRelief is a non-profit charity organization providing advanced nutrition to malnourished children and orphans around the world.

Financial Management Services & Tools:

  • (free): The best free way to manage your money.
  • The Expense Tracker ($19.95/month): A fun and ridiculously easy-to-use money tracking system to help you track your spending in order to control it.
  • A money management resource for planning, budgeting, and tracking expenses from Dave Ramsey.

Wellness Education sites:

  • Longevity Education, Professional Education Group: A professional education-developer focused on providing valid, accredited, continuing education, with emphasis on the newest and most valid technologies in integrative wellness and nutrition. Longevity Ed™ provides educational venues to medical professionals, healthcare professionals, nutrition professionals and company representatives interested in improving their wellness and nutrition knowledge. A consumer-level series is available for individuals interest in wellness and nutrition. The name “proevity” comes from ““proactive longevity.”

Recommended online material, articles, and information to know about:

  • Forbes Magazine: In 2006, Forbes magazine named Mannatech the #5 company on its annual list of the “200 Best Small Companies.”
  • Business Week: In 2007, Mannatech was ranked 12th in BusinessWeek magazine’s 2007 list of America’s “Top 100 Hot Growth Small Companies.”
  • The Atlanta Voice: Article entitled, “Glyconutrients: The Most Controversial Discovery in Modern Health Care” written by Dr. John Rollins.
  • Direct Selling News: A February 2010 article in Direct Selling News magazine featuring Mannatech in the Company Spotlight.
  • NSF International: The Public Health and Safety Company™ that certifies Mannatech’s Products.
  • NASDAQ: Mannatech has been publicly traded on NASDAQ since the late ‘90s.
  • A review by Dr. John Rollins.